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Established in 1988, by Drs. Suchetan & Shalini Pradhan. Pradhan Dental Centre is a full-service Dental clinic chain with more than 30 years of experience.

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Premier clinic in Mumbai with complete digital workflow solutions. We offer a single visit, crowns, bridges and veneers.
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Implant Dentistry
India’s leading Dental Implant Centre. We have been pioneers in the field of Dental Implants in Mumbai for more than 30 years.
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X Ray and Digital CT Scan
First set of clinics in Mumbai with CBCT solutions. 3D technology to make accurate assessments for all our patients.
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Root Canals Dentistry
Root canals are supported and performed by the best technologies which are operated by highly trained operators.
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A naturally beautiful smile is essential for both children and adults, we help you achieve that perfect smile.
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We offer a host of treatments for Gum diseases using a combination of Dental Lasers and conventional surgical techniques.
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Laser Dentistry
Mumbai’s leading Laser Dentistry Clinic we have been pioneers in the use of Dental Lasers in India. It makes painless dentistry a reality.
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Crowns are shells of high technology modern ceramics, or ceramic bonded to metals, that cover prepared teeth or implants.
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Surgical Dentistry
A dental clinic that offers advanced surgical solutions. We follow stringent international guidelines and strict sterilization protocols.

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